Organization Management

With extensive employee management features Organization Information Management Software is a good fit for companies of all sizes. The idea is to simplify even the smallest of the organizational tasks. The experience is hassle-free and you can set it up entirely as per your need and discretion.
We have designed a centralized source of rich, up-to-date employee data that your business leaders can use to improve overall business efficiency and performance.
You are now capable of answering key HR-related questions within one network with customizable, pre-configured reports and auditing capabilities.

Our key features of Organization Information include the following highlights.

About organization and HR Policies

Step up your game with our comprehensive and analytical system that help HR teams and management to make important decisions based on real insights. Understanding that the HR world is evolving fast and you need to stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices, we keep you updated with all the policies and you can feed in all the necessary information to be passed on at the same time.

With this organization information management software you can monitor business process from anywhere, anytime and through any device. It is the human resource management system that serves you the fullest.

Files and Documents Management

With so many files and documents designed for specific roles and restricted usage, you need separate folders to maintain it all.

With this Information Management System files like an employee handbook, policy documents of your organization and other HR files that are confidential documents of employees can be stored in an organized way. The specific files can be uploaded and can be made available only for a particular employee or a specific role. This happens by enabling IP restriction for the file cabinet that helps in restricting anyone from accessing the module from anywhere beyond the mentioned IP address.

Department, Designation, Shift Management

If an organization has more than one shift, then it is required to put up an organization information management software in place that can manage your shifts. As there are various challenges like assigning all employees to different shifts, taking care of shift rotation for different departments and designations, Information Management System can record it all at once. One can now create and manage shifts for each employee across teams easily. With this system you can assign different shifts for separate employees based on departments, employee types, and multiple office locations. What's more, the software also facilitates graveyard shifts.

Information broadcasting (Announcements)

With Organization Information Management Software one can post organizational announcements constantly to keep your employees up-to-date. With the help of this you can create and share concise messages for new joinee on board or reminding your employees of a meeting with CEO etc.

You can use the Information Management System to share seasonal greetings with the whole organization. The messages that are posted get displayed under the announcements section. You can share organizational announcements to all employees and can keep them in the loop. You can share this message to a set of people you like by specifying the email ID of the employees.

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