Employee Management

The employee information system allows you to store work-related and important personal information about an employee. As employees are the strength of any organization and play an important part in any growing business. An efficient employee management system can really make a difference to an organization, which is true specially in case of startups and small businesses, that focuses on growing the business more than anything else.

The software makes it hassle-free to keep the track of company's human resources. This fully customizable, scalable and feature-rich software has easier and efficient ways to monitor and manage employees from different locations, supervise their work reports and productivity, track time, etc.

Our key features of Employee Management include the following highlights.

Employee Information Management

The software acts as a company directory while serving as a repository for easy access to every employee's profile. Employees can fill up their profile with all the important info like address, phone numbers, dates, etc and can have access.

The profile preview enables a quick and easy access to important formation including phone number and birth/hire dates. If, you're looking for one of your employee profiles, employee information system is there to find it for you. When your employee data gets compiled into becoming heavy-weight text, images and files, you won't have to spend hours on searching is just few clicks away.

Employee's Document Tracker

After any new employee's joining process gets completed, most of the work surrounding the documents and submission descended upon an organization's human resources department starts to dissipate. But this certainly does not mean the work related to that new hire is complete. With all the countless pages of paperwork, the organization is then required to safely store and manage that data for future reference and use.

The bar for efficient form and document tracking has been raised in recent years with Employee Information System coming in place. With Employee Document Manager the storing can be done easily while one is able to locate the file whenever required.

Performance Management

With this new employee information system, say hello to employee performance evaluations that come with uncomplicated ways. You can now set reminders for quarterly/half-yearly/annual reviews.

Feedback forms for performance reviews system comprise of options to create unlimited feedback forms to assign to each employee. Our performance tool helps you to initiate the appraisal cycle, work flows and mail alerts according to your requirements. You can also select your feedback type and categories, as per the skill set, add summary, define the potential range and import performance data for either the existing or the new cycle.

Exit Management

Exit Management usually includes a lot of activities including submission of resignation, triggering tasks through the entire exit process etc. It involves issuing of standard experience letter to the employees while it also requires the employees to handover all the tasks in their hand before resigning from the organization.

With this Employee Information System you can create a list of tasks, which will be triggered based on the relieving date field of the resignation form.

Simultaneously, you can have email alerts sent to teams like payroll in order to process the salary on time for the employee who is being relieved from the post.

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