Payroll Management System

The cloud based online payroll system at PccWebWorld let's you experience the actual strength of automating biggest ever hassle managing all your employees remuneration at one place. The employee payroll management system that we develop is next to none and easy to integrate in your existing payroll processing environment.

An integrated online Payroll software platform that we provide at your ease let's us distinguish as best ever payroll software company in India.

Our key features of online Payroll Management include the following highlights.

Salary Generation

Generating salary at the end of a calendar month is always been a headache for those who has no automated Payroll software system in existence. Our exclusive Payroll software adds on an elite exposure to your organziaton when it comes to day to day complex Payroll management through out the financial year. You can generate salaries of any count of employees at once in less than a minute. Our robust software solution can help you edit, view or modify the generated salary at a glance. Advance salaries, arrears, loans etc will all be taken care automatically before processing the final figure in a particular month.

Tax & Declaration

With all those files from the last year piled up at the corner table, one surely looks for a right hand to help out with estimates and projection. Before you even know it, our Payroll software system automatically generates and updates tax slabs in your account. You can now create accurate income tax projections depending on investments declared for each employee. Easily streamline the process of investment declarations, letters & submissions as well and no need to run behind employees for seeking their confirmation regarding annual tax-saving investments. Our experts also lookout for any policy/statutory changes announced and update it constantly.

Reports & Payslip

All progressive companies rely on timely reports of the expense to keep the records. With payroll software system it is easy to get a detailed report on the total allowances and deductions for every single employee. To keep the payroll disbursement fast, easy and error-free, one can generate bank transfer statements for every major bank. Payslips can be taken out in various formats & can also be customized. Options are available to take out Branch wise, Department wise, Designations wise payslips, etc. is also available in the software. Salary statement register for any specific month is also available in various outputs.

Loans & Advance

Keeping an updated account for all the money you lend to your employees, is definitely a critical aspect of the employee payroll process. With payroll software system you are able to record loan and advance details for every employee. This system also provides you with a dedicated loan management section which can help you manage and keep track of all your loans and advances if any. This will ultimately streamline your interest calculations. With Loan Ledger, Balance Summary and Monthly Recovery Report your loan management system gives you an easy way out with an end-to-end solution.

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