Time & Attendance

Attendance Management System allows a fully automated cloud-based solution for Time & Attendance that is designed for companies to better collect, manage and process time.

Here in, you can allow your employees to clock in through mobile, desktop or biometric clocking terminals. The Biometric Attendance System is simple and efficient time management software that allows to record and keep track of the time one spends on working with various jobs. It facilitates recording of daily and weekly time logs, generate time-sheets, configure multi-level approval for time-sheets, generate bills and can get customized accurate reports for time-sheets, payroll, and jobs.

Our key features of Time & Attendance include the following highlights.

Real Time Data

If, it is that browser-based attendance and time tracking is not your thing, worry not. We are here with a Attendance Management System that comes with an easy to use biometric devices for companies. These devices are designed to integrate directly with cloud-based servers, giving a real-time data about who's clocked in/out of your office. So, once you start using this Attendance Software, there's no need to spend on expensive fingerprint readers.

Modern biometric time attendance systems can easily be connected with the HR software. This enables you to make reports without any difficulty which are based on the latest data for analysis.

Biometric Device Integration

This efficient kind of attendance software has gained the quick foothold in most institutions and offices. All thanks to the increased need for flexible work culture transparency, accountability with the mobile workforce. To make your Attendance Management System features much more robust, we have introduced biometric attendance systems.

Here in, you can maintain fingerprint time attendance system with access control along with WiFi and battery backup features. This allows you to register login and out times of your employees while it prevents unauthorized entries into your workplace. The Biometric Attendance System enables you to eliminate employee proxy attendance.

Assimilation with Payroll

After getting recorded with the help of biometric devices the leaves and attendance by employees cannot possibly be manipulated for overtime to earn extra money, leaves, lunchtime/breaks and holidays.

A biometric attendance system allows you keep a tab on employee activities as easily.

Attendance and leave management are combined with payroll which is very important. As this Attendance Management System connected with the human resources management software enables the team to reduce errors related to payroll processing.

Since it is based on physiological features such as fingerprints, you don't have to worry about extra costs that can turn out to be expensive.

Attendance Sheet

This attendance software allows you to keep a record of shifts, get the policies in place, monitor work-from-home and out-duty attendance. Additionally, a biometric time attendance system enables you to eliminate employee proxy attendance.

This happens through physiological features like fingerprints that are nearly impossible to replicate or share, and thus makes it foolproof.

Your focus needs to be on team building, increased productivity and growth as a business. So, managing the time and attendance of your employees is something that you can leave on technology. So, this very aspect is flawlessly taken care of by a good attendance software and biometric system.

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