Terms & Conditions

The client's consent to work with our company must be recorded in an official e-mail or a legal consent document signed by the client itself. This approval will be regarded as the contractual agreement between the client and PccWebWorld™. Note - Once the client sends the signed consent and clears the advance payment, it will signify the client's acceptance of our Terms and Condition, which are mentioned below -

  • The information, data, facts and figures, statistics, subject matter, details and particulars provided by the client will be regarded as client's property. The company will not be responsible for any violation of copyright laws.
  • We also offer the domain name consultancy to the interested clients. The domain registered by the company remains its property. All the rights related to the ownership of the domain name are transferable after the client completes the payment.
  • If the client wants to withdraw the project, they are free to do so. But, they shall be liable for the work carried out to the date of withdrawal. Hence, the client is required to settle all the accounts before closing the project.
  • The task of maintaining the client's website will be taken as a separate commission. The negotiations regarding the work for site maintenance will be addressed separately.
  • The content published on the client's website is the intellectual property of the client's company. We hold no ownership for that content.
  • The client will bear all the expenses of travelling involved for the meetings (out of Delhi).
  • The price quoted for the project is subjected to the amount of the work mentioned in the quotation. Any additional work will be priced separately with client's consent.
  • The advance payment of the project is 40% of the total cost of the project undertaken.
  • The modes of payment accepted by the company are - NEFT/RTGS Transfer, Cheque, Cash, and Demand Draft.
  • The complete publication of the web pages will take place only after the full settlement of the project amount. Any material previously published may be removed if the payment is not received. If this is the case, then a minimum charge of Rs. 3000/- will be required to restore the website. Accounts that have not been settled within 7 days of the date shown on the invoice will incur a late payment charge of 10% of the amount outstanding.
  • PccWebWorld™ the owner of the source code and the intellectual property rights. And thus holds the right to reuse the code for other projects. (Unless other terms are discussed and are agreed upon)
  • After the full settlement, We will not claim any profits from the sale or purchase of the client's company to any other party.
  • If the client wishes to run the website (created or redesigned by PccWebWorld™) on different domain, they will have to purchase a fresh license.
  • At no time will we be responsible for accidental errors, extended beyond correcting the error.
  • We reserve the right to change or modify any of these terms or conditions at any time but agreements signed prior to the revision, remain unaffected. For any clarification, please contact us. info@pccwebworld.com

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