Leave Management

An ideal Online Leave Management Software offers complete, end-to-end solution when it comes to employee leave management system and policies. From monitoring and track leaves as an employer to seamlessly set leave policies in place, this should allow you all that in just few press of button. It should also be in integration with the Public/National or Company specific dates declared as holidays by the organization.
Some other aspects includes transparency to allow the employees to check for their leave history, balance leaves etc. The employees can check their past leave applications and have access to the specific conversations they had with regards to the same.

Our key features of Leave Management include the following highlights.

Define Leave Rule

Setting up leave policies is an integral part of running a business. As soon as employees start using the HR tool, they will have to update their leave information.

The leave management system lets you manage it all with ease with extensive options and greater flexibility. Now, the leave policy rules can be customized for half-day permissions, accrual calculations, clubbing of leaves, carrying over yearly unused leaves, applying for previous dates or over utilization. The online Leave Management Software gives an easy click -over way with an extensive set of frequently asked questions & answers about every leave policy.

Leave Accruals

Vacation pay, sick leave, and more are all accrued automatically in online Leave Management software. Days and Hours options are available, and accruals can be calculated either way. The most commonly used accrual will be vacation pay, but other options are included, such as sick-leave. The software tracks a running total of employee accruals all by itself, and it also includes scheduled days off, taken days off, and then tally the total unallocated days off based on these numbers. With the Best Leave Management Software one can keep all the businesses paid time-off accoutrement on track.

Leave Tracking

Allow your team the ability to access their own leave data anywhere, anytime. You can also customize the company calendar by adding all the paid holidays. Bid adieu to getting leave applications approved and tracked on emails. With Leave Management System you get the flexibility to create and manage leave policies, track employee leaves, decide application work flows, and more.Have multiple offices across the world with different holidays? Use Time-Off Restrictions to limit the number of users who can book time off on the same day. You can now set limits per departments, per offices, or in a specific combination.

Easy Integration with Payroll

The Online Leave Management Software with its paid time-off tracking software has built-in feature to integrate with payroll software systems. This helps in simplifying the payroll process as exported data gets easily loaded into payroll management software and then used to calculate paid time-off.

This Leave Management System takes care of tracking and paying out employees paid time-off . It also removes the human element from most of the equation, and does not make mistakes while adding or subtracting, it can't forget a date that has been previously tracked, and it won't lose its saved reports.

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