Employee Self Service

Endowing powers with the employees in an office the work of the HR department gets reduced drastically. So get the Employee Self Service Software at the earliest and empower the employees with it. The employees can get a clear picture about their pay and tax particulars along with that they can place the request attendance, apply leave, process reimbursements and do much more through this platform. This software being interactive and personalized can also give an understanding built on their everyday needs. Approval and rejection of the requests from the employees becomes easier to handle for managers too with its use.

Our key features of Employee Self Service include the following highlights.

Time off requests

It is good to be obsessed with making your business better. For that you would need to increase productivity, manage time off and make the staff smarter. Time off management can be simplified through automation using Employee Self Service Portal. Accruals of time-off vary according to ranks in an organization. So do the requests for vacation, holidays, sick leave vary for each employee. Recording this appropriately becomes tricky but knowing available time offs for employees and generating time-off reports for administrators becomes easy and simple using such time off tracker. This helps increase productivity and do smart work for employees.

Employee planner

Planning and scheduling is an important part of an organization that has several employees working in different shifts. Using a planner software makes the work easy. The day-to-day attendance records, shift schedules, leave details and more need to be streamlined and maintained without any flaws. Using planner software and Employee Self Service Portal reduces the administration cost along with help doing the work with precision and saves time. This kind of scheduler can also generate company reports, employee details of salary, leave and so on. Automating the process helps the company get rid of paper work and go green too.

Internal communication

In a huge organization being connected with each and every employee and passing on some work-related updates and communications is not an easy task. A communication gap gets created sometimes and the result is miscommunication. This leads to taking some wrong decisions affecting the company badly. Such frustrating situations can be avoided and miscommunication bid goodbye with the use of an internal communication tool along with using the Employee Self Service Software. No updates will go unnoticed anymore nor will an announcement be missed then. You can stay connected and communicate with a select group or an individual when necessary.

Document management

Digitization and going green is the mantra the globe over today. But with using paper for saving important documents you cannot achieve this. Then again for want of alternate arrangements people cannot avoid using paper. Although document management using paper is clumsy and the fear of losing these due to some calamities looms large it is followed even today. The solution lies in automation in this area also like how using Employee Self Service Software for other functions is inpractice. Critical documents and crucial reports can be created accurately and efficiently managed with its use even by the not-so-tech-savvy.

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