Recruitment Management

The call of the day in businesses is technology adoption. The hiring process cannot be out of this purview too. When the recruitment management system is automated and put to use in place of the hitherto used manual process the outcome is really impressive and the impact simply great. The quality and speed of the hiring process improves a lot and the companies can lay their hands on the best of candidates with ease and alacrity. Thus securing quality talent becomes easy and gives a competitive edge over their rivals paving the way for better growth for such companies using it.

Our key features of online Payroll Management include the following highlights.

Requisition management

In the recruiting process requisition management when automated can play a key role. Using the software for the same can enable the organizations and companies to maintain a database of the applicants, track and manage job openings and so on. Candidate information can be accessed more easily using the automated method. Thus allowing for a faster filling up of vacancies. You can also have a customized report built and then organize and maintain the requisition data thus removing inefficiency in the recruiting process using such a recruitment management portal. This will result in boosting your business at a faster pace.

Job portals

Having an interactive digital portal both for job seekers and job providers makes it easy for both parties in the placement process. There may be a need for constant updates from both sides. This recruitment management software has different modules like the job seeker, administrator, job provider and job search. The main objective is to make it easy for the job seekers to have a portal to place their resumes so that maximum number of companies can view it. Also it enables the job providers to publish their vacancies so that the right candidate spots it and gets appropriately placed.

Interview management

Having an applicant tracking software the hiring process and interview management becomes easy. You can easily manage external as well as internal interviewer information. Also it allows for selecting the interviewer and hiring manager whilst creating interviews. As part of the process you may need to send emails which can be done via an automated process for scheduling, rescheduling or cancellation of the interview. This same software can be used for posting feedback after the interview process. This saves time and follow-up communication offers a responsive customer service too along with having an end-to-end interview feedback management for the company.


In a huge enterprise interviews may be conducted in various rounds and by multiple members. The whole interview process then needs streamlining so that the best of candidates get chosen for the company. What better way than having it automated can it be. Yes, using the applicant tracking system the best of talent would have been called for the interview. Now to make it more comprehensive each one of the interviewer needs to provide feedback and post it to the centralized collection pool for rating purposes. This can allow for comparison and selecting the best out of the pool created.

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