8 mistakes with UX design that lands a mobile app in trouble

Users are here to give only few seconds to any new design before they go back to never come again. This leave lesser rooms for mistakes. To increases the chances of retention there is a constant quest for unique ideas with simple techniques. With mobile app development going bigger and better every day, todays competitive has become more important than ever for uniqueness and standing out with brand identity. For this, user experience (UX) design is at the Centre for any android app development company. While most companies recognize the value of mobile app design as the key driver for customer conversion, they often don’t recognize how to use UX design strategically to deliver new values.

So, most of us see UX as an interface and visual design, but there is much more to it than that. Mobile app Development Company in Delhi know UX discipline is deeply rooted in research and testing. UX Designers keep a balance of trends, must-haves, nice-to-haves, trends, independent research, and innovation.

There are misunderstanding surrounding UX stems from some common misconceptions about how exactly it fits into the mobile app development process. Let’s break few of those common mistakes and the solutions adopted by android app Development Company in India.

  1. UX is One Person’s Responsibility: User experience is not just the responsibility of a designer. The whole team should make it a part of their responsibility for mobile app design. The whole team should come up with a common vision or goal of the user experience that can be delivered collectively. In this way the whole team can leverage the expertise and experience to make informed decisions. It is important to take the insights from developers, architects and QA during every stage of the development.


  1. Considering UX only at the Beginning of Development: Iphone app development company should understand that UX is an ongoing effort if, one want to create a great experience and listening to the users while understanding their likes and dislikes in important. Testing the mobile app with core set of users is a good way to validate assumptions. A Proof of Concept, Prototype, or MVP ensures that the product idea is being received thoroughly by users and increases the chance of success of your product launch.


  1. No connection With Users: For long lasting impressions good UX is important but, companies struggle for proving meaning and forming a connection with users. If, the products are meaningful will have personal significance and will resonatewith user needs while aligning with the values. Connecting with the users and achieving the goal makes a long lasting product. A product just doesn’t have to be aesthetically pleasing but, hold meaning. This makes the difference between an app the users return to and one they delete.


  1. Designing as per you and not the User: The teams for iphone app development can often come up with strong opinions about a product. But, good UX designers should be able to separate their personal preferences from user preferences. It is very important to understand that the designing is for a core set of users who have specific needs and wants. This user-centric design approach is to be practiced throughout the entire development process so that the app looks like the one the users would want and not the other way round.


  1. Follow the Competition constantly: What worked for one might not work for the other even when the product line is same? Instead of following them step by step, learning and combining with the innovation will help in establishing competitive edge. Users already have something so, unless this app is offering something different it does not have a chance. With thousands of apps in the market, ios app Development Company need to offer new, innovative, and valuable features with every new app for your users. Customize and build from the inspiration and constantly look out for the trends.


  1. Too Much Content: The use of content should be to guide the users through the app and additionally, should provide values. Refrain from cramming everything onto the first screen. It frustrates the users to see the page overloaded with content. Keep the important information as users like crisp and simple as much as they like interactivity by self-initiated discovery. Make them participate and keep them engaged by a question, interactive element or bold statement. Good content is an inevitable aspect of a good UX, so it’s required to develop an effective content strategy.


  1. Overly Complex UI Design: Good UX doesn’t always have a fancy, intricate design. If, there are too many distractions or confusing call-to-actions, it is going to take away all the charm. So, simply with more meaning instead of including elements that lack purpose. Good design is going to look elegant without all of the intricacies. This doesn’t mean that large-scale animation should not be there but should be used sparingly and to celebrate a special event.


  1. Including Too Many Features: Move away from using too many elements and features, and focus on understanding the brand’s strengths. Focusing on limited content and features only brings out the best and relevant for brand identity. Find your unique value proposition instead of pleasing everyone that gives the competitive edge that mobile application Development Company in India needs in long run.


To overcome all these mistakes will help in understanding flexibility and break through perceived limitations. This will just result in better user experience and companies can have a constant creative environment where the team can contribute to bring new products. As the world is quickly shifting to a digital platform there is lesser or no scope for any of the mistakes as there are a lot of options out there. This further reduces the chances to stick with them for long and only the ones who are making it simpler for them are surviving in the long run.