Make housing management software the in-charge of your society

Let’s start with understanding the small little things that you have to take care of while living in a society. As each society has its own way to maintain and keep the residents in accordance with the operations, it is required to have a system in place. We alone cannot take care of everything from the billings and maintenance solutions for each house in the vicinity. All of this, after coming from a 9 to 5 work schedule. Additionally, a society cannot really afford to hire separate individuals for doing different jobs. So, having an apartment management system comes as a solution to keep everything in check while keeping it out of the daily schedule. The system will run in background and one can go back to the data anytime in need.

Software designed for making the process seamless

It is understood that people living in housing societies need to share the responsibilities jointly when they have to handle monthly things including utility bill payments, maintenance of the premises, security, and legal issues. All these things involve a lot of time with a regular check so, relying on efficient methods such as housing society management software seems a right way. With end-to-end service management and work management, they are ideal for small, medium and large enterprises. It is easy to maintain transparency in the system when people decide to use software for managing whatever goes in a closed society. The whole idea involves saving time and easy access to the desired information.

So many times we get caught in the situation when not everyone is convinced with the bill amounts and maintenance fee being charged. Now, one cannot possible go door to for asking for their details of the past month. Having a central system in place with housing society management system takes out all this trouble. This systematic workflow-based system keeps all the concerned people aware of the happenings. With regular sophisticated email and online communications, SMS alerts, and contact and document management modules; members find addressing to a situation convenient fast and easy.

Apartment management software are user-friendly

With an option viable for customizing the software as per the needs of any particular residential structure, the software development company has kept simple structure. The software comes with few easy set up steps and easy to operate by keeping as many members in loop as required. The modern software modules are quite user-friendly. The designers have taken a modular structure as they are made for multiple things and versatility.  Most of the things are configurable, and one-time setup is required. Custom software development companies that bring society management modules help their clients in setting up the base data. With a little bit training, people can use it without any trouble.

Society management becomes as simple as ABC as it possible to interface the software with external software. Having this system installed in any apartment or society structures serves many purpose including:

  • Management of accounting and financial transaction.
  • Member management system with reminders over email, SMS and e-receipts make it useful.
  • Transactional and MIS reports offer comprehensive, at-a-glance view.
  • Reconciliation of bank management accounts.
  • Privacy of data.
  • Effective user-management, login-based access controls, and privileges.
  • Audit compliance and 100% fulfillment of statutory obligations.
  • Saves members from the hassles of managing transactions manually.
  • Fast and efficient.

Reasons for having this system installed in each society

If, you have come till here, you certainly want more informations before you decide to investment in a system and we will certainly continue with the knowledge. It is specially designed to make the life easier. There would no more weekly meetings and several rounds of society offices with this system that puts everything organized. Most of the things are available and accessible online and a self-help module is there for giving most of the things such as utility bill payment, recharge of electricity or water supply, payment of annual maintenance, etc. So, all the burden of appointing individual people is not required.

Tracking incomes and expenses in the society is going to be a matter of a few clicks. Some of the reason that would convince you to install this system includes:

  1. Growing society culture: With a spur growth in society culture, so many factors are involved in making a society function properly with various management issues. In order to tackle the same, software Development Company in India have come up with a solution to address all the common problems in a housing society.
  2. Safe & Secure: This is not only cost-effective but, is secured with SSL (secure socket layer) technology that keeps all the personal information safe & secure. The information is only visible to the members of the society and it protects your system against hijacking with strict user access control.
  3. Flexible: All the features are flexible and let all the new members easily join or leave the software community. The software goes through every application for joining as a member of the society and accepts or rejects them accordingly.
  4. Systematic: It is easier to unite and manage the society by bringing the members and their thoughts together to meet society’s requirements systematically. Making management of the society a hassle-free task through our housing society management system.

Features are enable to help you to maintain your accounts and organise all the society events effectively. The software does not require paper work and are more useful to make the entire task effortless while you enjoy your dream home.

Getting this system installed in a housing facility just doesn’t come in your regular schedule and everything functions as smoothly in the background. All the facilities are here to make your living way to easier as we know you have other important things to take care of on the daily basis. Now, you can easily strike this duty off your list and carry on with your work and chill schedule while the society is in safe hands.