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Score and convert the best qualifying leads through the Lead Management System

We have developed the best online lead tracking management software which will streamline entire sales operation of your business easily. The most demanding part of developing this lead tracking software for businesses in India was to keep it simple, easy and unique to augment the sales operations and management. With host of intuitive and automated features, this System will reduce the response time. Within few years, our product has earned the favorite spot among our clients to become one of the top cloud based lead and sales tracking management system software.

We have designed online lead management software to direct the lead management process by simply omitting missed follow ups, unattended leads as well as lead leakage. The effective software features like lead qualification, lead distribution, sales tracking, sales alerts and performance tracking will effectively de-tangle the messy sales process and makes it a robust online lead management software available in Delhi.

Features of Our Lead Management System
Automatic Lead Capture
Zero Lead Leakage
Email Integration
Lead Qualification
Manage Best Lead
Lead Distribution
Tasks Reminders
Sales Alerts
Multi-Date-Time Formats
Sales Tracking
Performance Tracking
Source Tracking

Our Plans & Pricing

Our Plans & Pricing

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