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Competitive features and custom build modules is what it takes to manage best Customer Relationships

The best online CRM software is designed and developed to facilitate customer operations for businesses. The applications designed proficiently oversee various customer centric processes and augment the collection as well as flow of customer data, customer interaction, and access to business information and automates the sale analysis, data collection among other elements of sale process. With relationship management CRM software devised in operations, a business can easily streamline the leads uplifting the conversion rates with limited workforce. This could lead them to better revenue figures, customer retention and restrain the exceeding marketing costs.

As a best cloud based CRM marketing software providers in Delhi, we design open source as well as web based customer relationship management software and also offer CRM customization. We proffer tailor-made and cheap CRM software for small businesses which include – lead management, AMC management, Customer feedback management, Inventory management solutions.

Our CRM Portal Key Modules
Lead Management
Sales Management
Purchase Management
Inventory Management
Service Management
Supply Chain Management
Supplier Management
Dispatch and Delivery
User Access Security
Feedback Management
Various Reports

Our Plans & Pricing

Our Plans & Pricing

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